Who We Are

Ever felt like you want to deliver something somewhere without moving? Well now you can… BTW is the first pick-up and delivery service that provides you with a driver near you on the spot the minute you press on the “Now” option on our application.

From now on you won’t have to worry about delivering anything anymore, no matter how big or how small the item is, whether it’s a piece of paper or a piece of furniture, we will take care of it and take it where it needs to go locally or nationwide while giving you the privilege of tracking your shipment as it goes.

BTW caters to your needs in the fastest way possible with the lowest costs, saving you time and money and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

How To Ship With BTW

Shipping couldn’t get any easier, all you have to do is post a picture of the item you want to send accompanied by a few details, you’ll then receive an estimated price based on how far the location of delivery is, once a driver accepts your request you will be able to view their ratings and experiences before deciding to give them your desired items.

Once you and the driver are on board, you will have complete control to monitor what is going on every step of the way through our App until your shipment is delivered safely to the chosen location.

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